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CEO’s Column: Special Forces ahead of the Curve

June 30, 2017

You know that one of our company mantra's has been “Ahead of the Curve”. It's not just some marketing fluff... it's something we actively embrace as a company and our culture.

I founded Softeq with a focus on technical software development (hence the name sof-tek). I didn't want to work on boring projects. I wanted to work on the hard stuff, the challenging projects, ones that needed a high level of expertise. If you compare being a developer to being a soldier, then I wanted to build the Special Forces — an elite squad of developers that's ready to take on anything. And that's who we are.

But it's tough to stay ahead in this industry. We constantly learn and challenge ourselves. The tech industry is continuously changing at a rapid pace, and the tools along with it. If not, we'd all still be using Interpreted BASIC on DOS (but even back then I was using that to write programs for the Space Shuttle).

So what are we doing to stay ahead? We are riding the IoT wave now. We're uniquely suited for it given our full stack team of hardware-embedded-mobile-desktop-web, but we are getting ready for the next big waves. I see those as:

  • IoT (smart home, drones, wearables, smart clothes, etc.). We're riding this wave but more IoT waves are coming.
  • AI, Deep / Machine Learning, and Chatbots
  • AR & VR
  • Nextgen Automotive (dashboards, self driving, etc)
  • GPU development (applies to many of the above, but especially the AI/Learning category as well as automotive)

“Mark Cuban thinks if you're not studying Artificial Intelligence now, you'll be a dinosaur in three years. I agree.”

Chris Howard, Softeq CEO and Founder

My reading this week

High Output Management by Andy Grove. Andy was the CEO of Intel for many, many years and this book is one of the legendary bibles of management used in Silicon Valley. I'm learning a lot, and anyone in any kind of management roll would benefit from reading this book. Plus it's cool to learn more about how Intel works, as they're a big customer of ours.

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