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Trends to Take Home from CES and MWC 2016

March 23, 2016

Year in year out the whirling merry-go-round of the world’s major tech events called Consumer Electronics Show and Mobile World Congress presents to the world all the gizmos and widgets one could think of and even more.

CES 2016 became a stage of plenty electric cars and driving gadgets, drones, smart home systems, VR devices and sets, 3D printers, all-popular smartwatches, devices for tracking health and fitness wearables, and more. The event has always been considered by the tech business tribe as quite a trendsetting environment, and that’s not for nothing. The highly-anticipated solutions gain maturity and flesh reducing the time to market and getting closer to the consumer.

CES 2016

Now let’s get straight to the point and zoom in on the CES 2016 trends that we can reasonably be sure will continue to evolve changing the tech industry game around the world.

#1 Tech Minds Are Golden Geese 

A pervasive breakthrough of the IoT, wearables, and the network of everything smart and connected leaves businesses in every other domain with a perception of being a bit behind the eight ball. Once self-reliant, giants in a range of industries, including automotive, consumer electronics, sports apparel and many more, now eagerly seek partnership with tech heavy hitters. And that’s incredibly exciting. In the meantime, that hybrid contracts keep pushing and merging the boundaries across diverse realms, thus promising to reveal jaw-dropping revolutionary solutions any day now.

CES 2016

#2 Mesalliance Welcomed, Take Those Frills Out

Now that we’ve taken a look behind the curtains of the partnership essence, let’s move on to the sacred bonds between the market movers and shakers and mere startup or mid-layer mortals. Here we go. It’s not about monster deals only anymore. Ford–Amazon, IBM–Whirlpool alliances announcement is not even half the story, as the final word today rests with innovation front-runners whatsoever — small teams of tech manufacturers, offshore software developers, and other less obvious market contributors.

CES 2016


Such collaborations are a perfect example of a win-win partnership that enables both parties to benefit from sharing their ready-made solutions instead of investing in full-stack R&D projects.

#3 Insanely Intelligent: Beware of Cyberattacks

Not much of a news is that cybersecurity issue keeps taking up great attention and efforts of global engineering minds as the «all-smart and connected” story unfolds. Solutions integrated with online payment platforms, all the imaginable trackers and connected devices can’t but put user data at risk of attacks. Again, now that implementation of wearables in the workplace becomes trendy, it would frequently contest privacy and legitimacy on both employee and employer sides. Thus, high-level executives of smart offices should be ready to become a team of true Atlases, as risk management proficiency requirements are just about to skyrocket.

#4 Mobile Puppet Show for Wannabes

Mobile tech leaders at CES reminded a bit of titans that got enough power to shift entire cities with a single flick. Each time they come out with their announcements they beat everyone cold with mind-blowing statistics.

Netflix Everywhere


CES 2016 celebrated Facebook’s multibillion connections, Netflix’s presence expansion with launches in 130 more countries, and a whole lot more initiatives that evidence that the world’s becoming a global playground for mobile market decision makers.

#5 Digital Impulses: Content Almighty

CES’s “Digital Hollywood” sessions felt like a wind of an upcoming advent of the long-awaited golden age named content almighty. Being somewhat marketing purists, we got ready to take it up a notch in our approach to content creation, which already relies on a blend of tech, marketing and sales activities. For those aiming high in establishing leadership, reassessing your content generation strategy may provide a stronger foothold for securing success.

#6 Taking Over Reality Control

As an early-bird developer subscribed to receive Microsoft’s HoloLens Developer Edition in the first wave of deliveries, now officially confirmed, at this year’s CES we rejoiced the triumph of a couple of our pet technologies: VR and AR. Virtual reality proved getting more physical as companies one by one revealed a strong intent to develop it ahead, demonstrating an astounding diversity of controllers, positional cameras, mountable controller sets, and a whole lot of exciting gaming sets that plunge users into VR head to toe.


As for the augmented reality area, it was all about catering for major industries including healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, engineering, and others.

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