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“How Many Fingers?” HandyCase to Hit the New Touchscreen Era

September 24, 2015

Seems so simple and obvious, but turns out to be a landmark in touchscreen era: soon we’ll be able to operate our tablets or smartphones using their backs just the same as front screens.


That is thanks to Tong Luo, a CTO at HandScape Inc., who made up his mind to give our fingers that used to rest behind the device the job of touch controlling. It’s all about the HandyCase project we are honored to take our part in, that is now awaiting the launch of the full package release at Kickstarter, having raised about 75% out of $100,000 required as of now. It’s been recently saluted on quite a number of international tech resources including CNetEngadgetPocket-lint, and made the list of Krowdfund's Top 10 Kickstarter Campaigns You Should Back Right Now. Now the HandScape’s team is working hard to bring HandyCase to us as soon as possible.

Touch-sensitive Back from Black

The solution is designed as a wireless gadget for the latest iPhones, the iPad Mini and the iPad Air based on Apple’s Magic Trackpad functionality. Attached onto the back of the iOS device for making it touch-sensitive, HandyCase allows a user to engage the eight fingers holding the gadget into the controlling experience. An additional fun feature making the case even more wowsome is that while operating a device from behind the screen, one can even see through it!

Touch-sensitive Back


Softeq’s helping tech hand really came in: the HandScape’s team needed an experienced development service provider with proven iOS competency and middleware implementation expertise.

Giving a Low Five: Digits Differ

HandyCase is empowered with a capability of capturing and analyzing motion events, locating touch points of the fingers and rendering the results into a virtual hand image projected onto the tablet’s screen overlaying all the currently running apps. Moreover, the illusion of the device’s transparency is complemented with a choice of the mode users prefer to see their fingers: the ordinary kind, robotic digits or x-ray hands. HandyCase connects to the user’s device through Bluetooth enabling a remote control even when the gadget isn’t attached.

Bluetooth Gadget


Gaming Glory Wanted

Fun is never too much and never enough! That’s why speaking about games within the HandyCase is both a great joy and disappointment at the same time. No wonder that HandyCase provides an exciting gaming experience through its “transparency”, but the point is that HandyCase operates with apps that have been developed for this gadget only. Thus, for now, gaming is limited to one official app released on iTunes — HandsCube featuring intuitive controls in a Rubik's Cube style to make players fully enjoy the gadget’s innovative fun. At the same time, a huge work on new game apps for HandyCase is going on, and the gadget’s inventor stated that as soon as his creation launches, other games would be available as well, along with the app enabling access to a camera, photo viewer, map, and book reader.



Backstage Anticipation and Rewarded Pledge

As the Kickstarter campaign for HandyCase moves at a steady pace becoming closer to its $100,000 goal and gaining loyal customers, seems like there are quite many of those eager to get the device for a wise backer price from $99 to $149. Having won several awards for the innovation and inspired with strong backer support, HandyCase looks promising enough to become a global trend in operation with smartphones and tablets. We are honored to have contributed to its development and wish HandScape’s team a good luck and a soon launch!

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