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Cutting Short: Windows 10 Challenge Accepted

August 7, 2015

High time to draw a clear line under the survey revealing the last bits of our observations. Setting off for the web and juggling quite a number of programs started one by one, we fully appreciated the pleasure of Virtual Desktops in the upgraded version enabling to work within multiple separate projects and tasks at once. Now, thinking out loud, we bag the wheat we picked from the chaff.

Virtual Desktops

Leaving Fails behind the Edge

Except for rename, the Microsoft Edge browser has some new features making one’s surfing a bit of entertainment. Just like as if reading a newspaper, one can add notes or highlight places on the webpage, and then crop a particular area sending it through social media or mailing accounts right away.

What concerns the native Photos app, it is now capable of editing photos, letting users upload them from their OneDrive accounts as well.

Apps Becoming the Apple of the Eye

One of the major problems remains within the Microsoft Store: no news about the mobile apps for Windows that they are not numerous at all, generally created within whatever funds remain after iOS and Android. That’s where quite a number of bugs and lags come from — just take Viber hardly opening popup messages within seven secs, lacking in group chats above all. Seems to be pretty enough space to patch.

Desktop Apps in Windows 10

On the other side, in the new Windows Store one is going to get apps running on any device, be it laptop or tablet, future Microsoft creations included. Moreover, employing “Continuum” it is possible to connect your device to a monitor and keyboard using it as a PC.

By the way, quite a number of users mourn the absence of Windows Media Center — DVD playback and desktop gadgets now got left behind.

The Tenth That Rocked

Windows 10 Review


All in all, there is a good reason to congratulate Microsoft with a balanced and prospective “crossing” of Windows’ 7th and 8th, smartly sensor-adapted. We got pretty inspired to implement it within our desktop apps development projects for its handy modules and clear UI.

The audience that would probably turn into the most ardent admirers of Windows 10 is the gamer one for the opportunities of Xbox One games streaming and DirectX 12 support.


So, what about a general audience of home users? As far as upgrade to the 10th is free for the major part of us, and support is far longer than it was with the previous versions, the first question to ask ourselves is the following: “Am I comfortable with my current Windows version?” Seems like those using Windows 8.1 (especially ones having sensor screens) would rather upgrade. The same can’t be said for sure about the 7th version adherents though, which are quite numerous, as the system goes pretty good.

Anyway, there’s still an opportunity to take your time until the critical juncture, which is going to be the release of Windows 10 Mobile in the fall 2015, stated to enable a tight and smooth integration between desktop and mobile systems. Anticipating the next boom, we continue working hard on complex solutions within the platform, wowing our customers and bringing us immense joy of accomplishment.

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