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Reviewing Windows 10 Sacred Code: Thirty Years to Reach the Tenth

August 6, 2015

The stronger the belief that Windows 10 is going to be “the final chord”, the greater the wish to make sure whether “the tenth era” would be of no serious disappointments. Being a long-term Microsoft partner with core competencies in App Developement and Enterprise Mobility, we deliver solutions obtaining the “Certified for Windows” status, and thus rejoice the Microsoft OS updating and growing more sensor-friendly. As long as we've got some projects within Windows coming up soon, we did our best to be among the pioneers downloading and testing the new version.

Windowd 10

Watch Drivers, Watch Safety

No troubles with drivers for computer components whatsoever — that’s what we appreciated right at once, getting our test started. Nevertheless, some reporters in the Internet say that while installing the translated versions they still had to download some drivers, which caused several infected file intakes. That’s where the Defender showed lacking in power: the viruses went undetected making it clear that setting up a mature security app remains a must.Security patches, however, now go straight to user’s PC at the very moment of their release, separately from the system updates. Another problem here is that the installation starts by default, causing Windows Explorer crushes, as many users report.

Windows 10 Defender

Simplifying PIN Formalities

The desktop starting up was a little bit annoying taking about a quarter longer than it used to. Then came the logging in procedure, familiar by Windows 8 along with the necessity to integrate your live account with the system in order to max it out and get access to the new Microsoft Store. But the best thing about the procedure is that there’s no need to create a complex PIN-code — four digits will be pretty enough.

Win 10 Pin Me

Someone to Talk Sense

Unable to conceal a rush of joy, we see the Start Menu back again, hope for good. Moreover, it’s now in the center of the Taskbar, closely interacting with Cortana to become no less than your right hand performing a well of actions. One can either type or talk to make a search request, and the results will include not only the internal files or apps, but a list of web links as well.What is especially significant about Cortana is that now the desktop version is as powerful as the mobile one, for Windows 10 inherited all the features from its phone fellow. Cortana will kindly show you a weather forecast, send you reminders tied to a particular place, time, and people as long as you ask it to. Top news, music releases, traffic jams — there are just plenty of things one can get informed about with the aid of Cortana, let alone the help of “classical” note recorder, alarm, music player, apps manager, and maps upgraded with the Streetside mode making users take virtual tours and discovery places of interest around.

Windows Cortana

Now let us take our time to go backstage again and finish testing the tenth’ services. Until we are back with our conclusions, we would be glad to see your comments on the Windows 10 upgrade experience. Those seeking Windows development skills are greatly welcomed as well.

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