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Something Borrowed, Something Blue: the Internet Trends 2015

June 4, 2015

It can be easily detected even without a thorough knowledge of stats that the Internet audience runs into billion, coming now over 3 billion barrier. Global usage means nothing but global changes — thus, hereby we are going to pick some of the real things while inspecting the worldwide milestones, trends, and tendencies brought by the Internet taking the planet by storm.

Internet Trends


#1. “High Hopes”: The Internet Has Yet to Hit

What makes many analysts believe that the impact of the Internet would soon start gaining more momentum than one could ever imagine is the distribution of its influence on users as appropriate to the major spheres of life. The greatest shares come to the general consumer, business, and security, while the smallest one still goes to the sectors of government, regulation, and policy thinking.

#2. Mobile Seemingly Invincible

Analyzing most recent reports on the internet usage and smartphone subscription, one can notice that there is no feverish demand anymore — the growth comes slack. However, as for mobile, it becomes a sort of Atlas, aiding the Internet usage to strengthen due to the large relentless consumer data and video traffic through the mobile devices connected 24/7. By the way, despite all the efforts of developers wearing themselves for the sake of small screen vertical viewing, still about 2/3 of users in the USA spend more time on horizontal one.

#3. Smartphones and Tablets for Ads Gourmets

No wonder that mobile smartphones and tablets win more and more popularity from desktop under conditions of digital media growth. That mainly concerns advertising and monetization, where mobile rates increase, especially when it comes to the market leaders. Thus, the tried-and-true way to make your ads cost-effective, interactive, and fun is to optimize them for mobile. Besides, what makes the mobile ads sustainably compelling for both consumers and businesses is that the framework offers a plenty of space for discoveries in advertising format — from cinematic pins to vessel or carousel ads, as well as a free hand in creating new exciting elements like buy buttons.

#4. Must-have or Beware Enterprise Software

Seems like Softeq had the clue while putting Enterprise Web Solutions among its priorities, as world-known enterprise software authorities notice that the specified industry is about to continue having a potentially decisive influence within the market. One would find difficulty to quarrel with this statement when executing analysis of the improvements made possible due to the thriving of the enterprise software. Business communications, analytics, planning and performance optimization, online and offline payments and transaction dynamic management, effective customer communication, reduction of expenses on human resources and hiring — that is a non-exclusive list of strides within the sphere.

#5. Drones, Please: New «Pets” Charming the World

Being among the highly anticipated global innovations of recent years, drones prove to be efficient and applicable for a constantly replenishing list of areas. The rapid growth of consumer drone shipments in 2014 is truly noteworthy, amounting to 35% in the USA, 30% in Europe, and 15% in China, as reported on Above all, increasingly broad becomes commercial drone use. Always trying to be on the innovation frontier, Softeq’s embedded and hardware design team works on R&D within the area, helping early adopters of drones-for-business model win a larger share of the growing market.

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