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Calling “Karma Police” on Mobile C#

May 19, 2015

While recapping a number of recently published rankings on app developer trends, we make sure that C# steadily gains maturity becoming a tool of necessity for developers building enterprise mobility solutions. Now we are going to inspect where such a tendency is coming from. Well, “are you there, Moriarty“?

C# Across The Length and Breadth

Along with the structurally alike Java, C# demonstrates the most significant growth in popularity among the full-time professionals, being one of the surest means of giving effect to all the cross-platform capabilities of desktop, embedded, mobile, and web apps on Windows, iOS, Android, and other operating systems across a couple billion devices. Portability is what it's all about!

Even though for Unity game developers C# is in the top-list of languages, its most frequent spheres of application are business apps, enterprise mobile solutions, and utilities. Besides, it found a considerable acceptance as a single tool within device and server, coming almost nip and tuck with Java.

“I Wish I Were Special”: Why Falling For?

What are the magic strings that make C# hit the mark? Well, there is quite a collection of features making it handy yet easily comprehensible by those having a good command of other programming languages. Let us take a peek at the most admired of them.

  • Encapsulation within the framework of object-oriented programming facilitates the structuring process making the code easily reusable.
  • Native functional and asynchronous programming capabilities enable developers with extra flexibility.
  • Type safety tool provides programmers with delight of compile-time bug fixing, which prevents companies from wasting man-hours for error programs about to crash.
  • Is there anything that braces one up like finding you don’t have to collect garbage? Using C# one enjoys the advantage of native garbage collection capability, that allows developers to plunge into their business thoroughly and delightfully.
Code Save the Windows

Although it is not about Microsoft platforms and services only anymore, Windows phone remains the primary platform for C# developers, being twice more popular than iOS on average. As an integral component of Xamarin, C# provides a fertile ground for custom development needs within numerous platforms while using a shared C# codebase. What Softeq’s Xamarin-skilled team makes a strong focus on is achieving considerably shorter turnaround time while building quality facilitators with the help of special tools.

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