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Softeq in Roboland

April 24, 2015

We Softeqians trust in robotics. That’s because it is not just about gizmos to be trifled with like many people used to believe, but the complex technologies making our planet a definitely cool place to live in. Self-driving cars ensuring roadways safety, the ambulance drones hurrying on a moment’s demand like angels of emergency — these are only the few ones about to be implemented in the nearest future.

Ever heard about National Robotics Week? That is what a major event in robotics should be like: 250+ events in all 50 United States — quite a scope it is! Softeq doesn’t ever miss a chance to follow such grand events up, because those are where the future of the industry is outlined.

250 Events

For 9 days from April 4 the events’ participants and guests were experiencing the robotics innovation all around the US. Thus, reaping the fruits and examining a flood of references on the Robotics Week, we picked the most exciting of what had happened.

Sales, Discounts, and Auctions

Apart from a wide range of sessions, conferences and business meetings featuring the Robotics Week, quite a number of tech equipment shops claimed mass discounts and sales. One could buy robots for learning or teaching electronics and programming, for robotics summer camps, as well as participate in an online equipment auction for industrial machinery.

Cambridge Science Festival: Sci. Carnival & Robot Zoo

That was a right place to taste the enticing mixture of numerous science and robotics fields and rejoice the carnival of robots from all over the world. Solar Fuels, Legos, drones, underwater robots, Chairbots and iRobots — the most eccentric company ever.

Silicon Valley Robot Block Party

WilmerHale in Palo Alto hosted about 1000 participants within the industry, representing the most competent hands-on robotics research in Silicon Valley, high-end robots’ builders, and the cutest startups. Moreover, the event was free, featuring a display of an enormous collection of unimaginable robots, concluding with an amazing Bots&Beer private afterparty.

Innovative Toy of the Year

The Innovative Toy of the Year Award goes to… WowWee’s MiP. Examining its gesturesense technology, “immersive personality” and “endless fun”, we come conceived that an iOS- or Android-powered MiP understands its robot business, featuring several game modes while balancing on two wheels.


Got inspired by the world of robots? So did we. Being deeply concerned about the R&D within the sphere, Softeq’s embedded and hardware design team creates a wide scope of solutions for business, entertainment, research, and other fields. Now you are welcome to take a peek at the Roboland of our own, Softeq’s secret lab at the very center of seething Texas!


Our Sales Director going into details of the industrial process



BlinkFX cutaway view

Development Process

Out of chaos the Order and Innovation spring

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