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Cards face-up: Any Reasons to Celebrate?

March 27, 2015

In the article about the interview with Head of Softeq’s Web Development Competency Center, we recalled the strategic plans and objectives set for our Web Team in mid 2014. At a glance, one can find them quite ambitious: continue specializing in content-heavy scalable web development and high-performance solutions, delivering a number of comprehensive line-of-business solutions with powerful back-ends while cooperating with mobile and embedded teams, and, last but not least — doubling the resource base. Now we are going to reap the fruits of the 9-month “web race”. Well, what have we here?

What a Piece of Work is a Web

The solutions delivered by our Web Team differ surprisingly — in terms of both technological complexity and scope of application they are much more advanced than what one usually expects from a web app. Let us take a look at some of our projects, already implemented or nearing completion.

Comprehensive Sensor Data Acquisition and Management System

Meeting the security requirements to the computer laboratory equipment, the SaaS-based solution features retrieval and transmission of data from multiple distributed humidity and temperature sensors to a web solution with a powerful interface. A complex laboratory equipment management system consists of hardware, embedded software and web components to acquire, process and store statistics from multiple sensors. Full description is here:

Sensor Data Acquisition

eGovernment Platform Re-Engineering

The product is an upgraded solution for a complex eGovernment platform, optimizing case management process and electronic filing with detailed reporting and stats. The development involved a complex of network, integration and software engineering services. It is remarkable for complex non-trivial workflows and virtual interview technology automating a comprehensive process of case intake.

The solution is integrated with payment and SMS gateways, supporting functional and technological module updates. The solution’s revamped architecture is scalable and allows high load — in terms of simultaneous users and heavy content processing — while keeping the performance high-speed. Selenium framework serves as a base for the product’s test automation, while the stress and load go tested with Apache Jmeter. Learn more:

eGovernment Platform Re-Engineering

Samsung Smart TV App

Having the digital video content server-based, the app provides instant access to the list of categorized movies and TV programs displayed along with trailers. The development allows the user watching videos in a player fashion, purchasing chosen ones with the credit card. The product has been approved by Samsung, making the list of its Smart TV applications. The app is portable to Sony, Toshiba, LG, and Phillips as well. Read more at

Samsung Smart TV App

eLearning Platform for Medical Students

The application contains two portals: one is for overall administration of testing procedures, the other one is for users — prospective medical students across US and Canada preparing for Medical College Admission Test.

The Admin Portal serves for creation and modification of tests, setting the time and difficulty parameters, browsing through the test results and exporting an Excel file with the report.

The User Portal provides the possibility to take full-length and mini-tests, even free ones for non-registered users. Getting finished the test, users look through the score report, which then goes exported into an Excel file. Users can run the test once again with the correct answers visible. See more at

eLearning Platform

Web vs. Mobile: Friend or Foe?

In the light of spinning up web development of high complexity and spreading the word about the skilled engineers of Softeq, expanding the manpower was a task that the Web Team performed easily, doubling its might. At present, the core Web Development team reaches 45 people, numbering two dozen barely 9 months ago.

This is partly explained by the fact that apart from pure web and desktop solutions our Java, .NET and PHP professionals get often involved into our mobile projects to help build more robust and feature-rich enterprise mobility solutions.

Mobile Solutions — another core competency center of Softeq that houses cutting-edge developments for Nike and NVIDIA — is gaining momentum. The global trend is to turn mobile business apps into efficient tools meaning they require powerful web back-ends for data access, transfer and processing. Speaking about our recent projects in this space, there’s been a dozen that saw the light thanks to the helpful cooperation between Softeq Web and Mobile teams. Let’s look at a couple.

NVISION: A Content-rich Interactive News App

This user-friendly client-server app for Android covers the hottest gaming and hi tech stories handpicked and published by the Dialect editors with visuals and video of high definition. The solution is integrated with social media, while the content feeds are accessible through both the mobile app and a full-scale NVISION website. Read more at


Inteliscope: Smartphone-powered Interactive Riflescope

The multiplatform mobile client-server application was debugged, enhanced and delivered within the cooperation of Softeq’s Web and Mobile teams. The solution transforms a mobile phone into a riflescope for tactical rifles, airsoft guns, and paintball markers. Using built-in smartphone’s sensors, the app captures and displays the environmental data on the screen making the shooting experience more immersive. Full information is here:

An iOS Client-Server Dating Application

Developed and graphically designed from scratch by Softeq, the Unity-driven dating app resorts gamification in order to deliver more entertaining experience to its users. Being integrated with several analytical tools, the solution offers more targeted in-app messaging, providing an effective user engagement and higher retention. Read more:

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