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How to Survive Among IoT Splendour: Atlas Shrugs

February 17, 2015

Standing aside of discussion about the Internet of Things is out of Softeq’s character, as we get highly enthusiastic about the achievements within each of our IoT projects.

The ideas of IoT, as well as the great number of developments within the sphere, remain to be the targets of venomous criticism. Many analysts call into question the viability of the Internet of Things for a wide controversy surge around it.


Epic Fails

Tracking the results of experts’ investigations one can distinguish a pretty full set of sore points of some IoT inventions.

Unreliable developers often configure their devices with poor hardware and unsafe platforms, making them easy pickings for hackers.

Implementation of such IoT items can seriously damage both customer’s budget and reputation. For instance, not a single human would like to walk in shoes of managers who had to cope with noise around a severe hack attack. Fishing scammers had got access to email details of tourists in order to steal money intended for hotel reservations.

What concerns increasingly numerous inventions of “Smart House” attributes, the estimates develop a blatantly skeptical character. Particularly, new IoT lighting management systems gain reproaching comments for being overcomplicated as compared to simple switches.

“Technology for technology’s sake” it used to be called

Armed with a wealth of engineering experience, our team have learned that a genuine product should be bug-free one demonstrating high performance and reliability. Thus, our QA Lab is our environment for advance.

“Plug In Baby”

Despite having a large map of sore points, the IoT development is undoubtedly essential and inevitable. Although not possessing those “Smart House” attributes most of the Internet users get more and more involved into the IoT whirlpool. Personal gadgets become experts at their owner’s habits and interests, helpfully suggesting ads according to the latest requests.

Rather significant seems the statement about the approaching disappearance of the Internet made by Google chairman Eric Schmidt at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Smart Home

Conceptually, it is already true, as for many users the Internet became a day-long habitat. The Web has just dispersed among numerous devices no longer associated with Internet as such.

Survival Rates

Finding ourselves scraping through the IoT era cataclysms, our #1 mission is to make the system work seamlessly and smoothly. All adapters and opponents of the IoT development unanimously agree that the main concern still remains information vulnerability and the lack of security.

Thus, the future of the IoT development does not significantly depend on exercising our talents in creation of unimaginable gadgets. Indeed, what is severely important for carrying forward the process is finding appropriate solutions for fundamental problems of the IoT, such as the following ones:

  • Normalization and optimization of data transmission processes
  • Database hosting and management
  • Information privacy and security

Do we look pessimistic? No way! Continue reading to find out which application areas we find the most welcoming for the Internet of Things.

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