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Myth Busters: What are the Most Common Stereotypes About IT Life?

January 12, 2015

New years close up with round-ups, forecasts and predictions for a coming year, past and future trends, and of course myth-busting. Softeq joins the line of traditional new-year discussions regarding assessments of, reassessment of and making conclusions about past and future events. One of the oldest IT-related online periodicals in Belarus has recently asked the Softeq team to comment on some of the common stereotypes, reigning in the IT sphere in Belarus. The most memorable of them have made it to the newspaper’s Top 10 list and have been published in one of its recent articles. Our colleagues along with other representatives of the Belarusian IT industry have shared their vision on the topic.

Nick Dzneladze

Myth #1: Newbies are not for serious IT companies

Nick Dzneladze, Head of zGames — a mobile game development studio within Softeq:

“It depends. In each particular case you have to look at the candidate himself or herself. We often take on promising juniors and seniors. Many companies do not employ students, because they are put off by the idea that junior specialists will leave the company as soon as they get some hands-on knowledge, and the training expenses for such candidates won’t pay off. My personal stance is that you have to create a work environment that encourages employees to grow and develop their professional skills within your company, and excludes any intention on their side to leave your company.”

Myth #2: Software engineers must have a good command of English

Nick Dzneladze: “At the beginning of your professional path in IT you need to have at least elementary level of English to be able to read tech documentation, which is often written in English. Modern IT industry has no boundaries and is hardly tied to the confines of a particular country. That’s why, to feel comfortable and at ease, IT specialists must have a good command of English and never stop perfecting their language skills.”

Ben Groiss

Myth #3: IT guys can’t wait to settle down in the USA or Western Europe

Benjamin Groiss, Sales Manager at Softeq Development:

“There is not much difference between software developers and the rest of us. All of us are in search of a job that is not only financially lucrative, but is rewarding as well. But programmers have the skills that are in high demand these days, which creates more opportunities for labor migration. People opt for a comfortable place to work and certainty of their future. And this is something that is not dependent on geography — it remains solely in the hands of a certain company that has to create a productive and pleasant work environment for its employees. Brain drain issues are not on the agenda at Softeq. I personally moved to Minsk from Germany 5 years ago, and Softeq has become my first company to work for and I am still onboard with Softeq. To tell the truth, I have no plans to come back to Germany.”

More about other IT myths can be found in the original article “10 Myths About Working in IT Industry” (Russian version).

Though we are more interested to hear your personal take on this!

What other myths and stereotypes about IT life you’ve confronted or share? Let’s make up an alternative Top 10 list by voicing our personal experiences in comments below!

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