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The Softeqians Land in Seoul

October 2, 2013

The first time visit to Korea, a location with remarkable cultural heritage, turned to be an exciting experience for the Softeqians.


With the high business season in full swing, we’ve been hard at work crafting state-of-the-art technology together with one of the world's leading electronics companies. Several of our top firmware minds took a 15-hour flight to travel to Seoul to integrate onsite the results of the offsite development effort into a single product.


The customer’s office is located in the famous Gangnam District — nicknamed the Silicon Valley and Beverly Hills of Seoul — a posh and affluent part of the city, dotted with cafes and boutique shops, as well as office buildings hosting the South Korean head offices of several world-renowned corporations, including such juggernauts as Google, Toyota and IBM.



As Asian as it can be, Seoul will satisfy every visitor’s appetite for special local food by offering a variety of spicy rice, noodle, chicken or seafood dishes with lots of herbs and dressings that come along. However, guests with a more traditional taste can always find a welcoming nook at a Burger King, KFC or McDonald’s.



The working day starts at 8.30 and can last till late in the evening, depending on the workload and the presence of the hard work gene in the employee’s DNA. A pretty common sight during lunch time — an employee taking a nap at one’s desk. A tradition worth adopting!


Night life

A hard-working nation, the Koreans know a thing or two about getting loose. Friday night through Saturday night the city is on fire with myriads of cafes and eateries packed to the rafters. Crispy coated chicken wings, beer, and a good laugh with friends make a great way for recharging after a busy week.


P.S. Enjoy more photos on our Facebook page.

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