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Gestural interfaces move from Hollywood to real life

May 29, 2013

“Iron Man 3” hit the box office record of $1 bln worldwide. All those smart gestural interfaces, unearthly gadgets and arty-crafty holograms make Mr. Stark the best equipped geek superhero in history (here is a video pick of the best moments from the previous part).

Gestural interfaces

I watched the movie, too, and guess what? The VFX and computer graphics wowed me so much more this time! Why? Because this magic of technology is Softeq's reality and it is happenning here and now!

Softeq is currently working on multiple projects that deal with next-generation electronics and brilliantly innovative techniques.


Gadgets... Gadgets everywhere!

One of them is for the new Leap Motion Controller — a 3D gesture control device that senses the moves of your hands and fingers so that you get the most natural and enjoyable experience of playing, web browsing and working on your PC.

Leap Motion

We had delved into the Leap Motion technology even before it came across so well at SXSW held in Austin, TX, in March. So if you are in the mood to throw a few fireballs and smash a couple of zombies, literally by waving your hand (with some passion and fight in one, of course!), you can already stop by in one of Softeq’s offices. The Leap project is code-named Zombie Bowling.

Zombie Bowling

The demo of the game with simple objects

Apparently we have never been closer to these amazing new technologies! Gesture control that we used to see only in Hollywood's blockbusters is picking up the baton from eye tracking and is stepping out from the blue screen into our life.

Can’t wait!

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