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Shine bright like a diamond with BlinkFX

March 19, 2013

Wow, we did it! BlinkFX, the wearable LED blink clipped onto a bracelet, made its first public appearance last week at SXSW! The technology inside the BlinkFX Wink was cooked at Softeq, and we are so happy to see how much enthusiasm everyone showed about it.

Our booth at the trade show was almost as crowded as a mall on a Black Friday morning :) It was located on a prime spot at a busy crosswalk, so the blinking winks attached to the booth backdrop and on the corner scaffolding drew inquiring minds into the booth to ask “What do they do?”.

There were several television stations and many reporters who came by and interviewed BlinkFX’ CEO Joel Carter, examined and eventually expressed utter delight about how this small LED device can brighten any entertainment event with an interactive, perfectly orchestrated light show that engages all attendees.


Be it a Rihanna’s concert, the NFL’s Super Bowl, or a high school theatrical performance, with BlinkFX the audience will lose themselves in the spectacle and virtually shine bright like a diamond following the pre-programmed creative routine put together by the show/VX director.


The climax was the live interactive concert at the Boldstage of the Austin Convention Center where the BlinkFX Winks had their debut. With LL Cool J and Ice Cube as the headliners, it lasted until the wee hours in the morning ;-)


It was amazing how technology, again, brought entertainment to a whole new level enabling not only the audience on the dance floor enjoy the performance. Fans could watch the concert from anywhere on the globe via a mobile app Doritos, the concert’s sponsor, had available for download via Apple's App Store which provided a real-time 360 degree view of the show. Very cool!


At the end of the day, BlinkFX was featured in a dozen of TV news casts, articles and blogs, and was called one of the Top 5 coolest things at the trade show. Check out the ZDNet and NY1 pieces. We’ll be posting more multimedia stuff from the concert on our Facebook page, so keep an eye on the newsfeed. And surely, follow us!

P.S.: Do you recognize this big guy?

Shaquille O’Neil

Shaquille O’Neil appeared at the trade show out of the blue and walked by our booth!

High five, Shaq!

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