BI and Data Visualization

We equip our customers with highly interactive, multisource data-driven, visually rich Business Intelligence solutions for gleaning most current and extra smart analytics on the business performance enabling more informed operational and strategic decisions, whether from the office or on the go.

Business Intelligence: Our Focus Areas

  • BI Consulting
  • Data Mining
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Warehousing
    ETL solutions
  • OLAP solutions
  • Reporting Tools deployment
  • Cg

Machine Learning for Predictive Modeling & Patterns in Big Data

BI solutions powered by machine learning algorithms, unlike traditional business intelligence, provide businesses with automated modeling of future trends based on large volumes of dispersed data. Companies get a whole new level of understanding of their operational efficiency bottlenecks, potential risks, and optimization opportunities. Softeq has data science specialists capable of employing supervised, semi-supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms (methods of clustering, regression, classification, dimensionality reduction, etc) to turn such unstructured multi-dimensional data into insights. The team helps businesses build models on data sourced from software systems and a vast network of connected intelligent machines, devices, and sensors.

Using machine learning algorithms, Softeq will develop BI systems with robust back ends tuned to autonomously detect anomalies, discover patterns in transactional and historical data, process remote diagnostic data and more. Built-in push notifications, automated real-time data visualization, interactive dashboards and predictive modeling will facilitate BI tasks that are either time-consuming or can go unnoticed if relied solely on human capabilities. As part of business intelligence solutions, Softeq will create decision support systems to enable intelligent machine processing for these tasks:

  • Sentiment analysis
  • Fraud prevention
  • Emergency & hazard prevention
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Risk analysis
  • Service personalization & customer profiling

A Personalized Approach to Data Handling

Influenced by the increase in personalized content consumption, analytics is steadily changing hands going from dedicated data analysts to common business users. To make the most of the self-service analytics trend backed by advances in graphical modeling, our extensive algorithm analysis and programming skills along with hands-on web application development capabilities will provide an ideal launching pad for creating intuitive, meaningful BI solutions. They will serve as powerful tools enabling users to access business-critical data, while maximizing their engagement and task implementation efficiency.

Full-cycle development of custom BI solutions

Our business analysts will help you shape the requirements, while planning the scalability for future growth, and the development team will deliver a solution that is tailored to the needs of your enterprise, business processes, and technology of your choice.

Customization and extension of a third-party BI solution

Be it a box product or a legacy app developed in-house, Softeq will help you modernize it and introduce new functional modules, various connectors and plugins, to ensure efficient data collection and analysis required by today’s business.

Deployment and integration of a box product

If your business processes are in line with the industry’s standard ones and allow implementation of an off-the-shelf BI solution, we will apply our BI skills to make the deployment and integration with other systems in place smooth to safeguard uninterrupted business operations.

Mobile BI: Immediate Response to Business Challenges

With information exponentially increasing, the need for having the right data at hand to make immediate insight-based decisions anytime anywhere is steadily growing. Leveraging Mobile BI to source real-time analytical data via smartphones and tablets will help reduce decision bottlenecks, adding greater flexibility and agility to the process every step of the way.

Our mobile development practice draws on multi-facet experience. It profiles hands-on advanced application development skills, versatile mobile technology competency along with deep understanding of hardware design and functional capabilities. This background makes an excellent fit for building high-performance mobile BI apps with rich data presentation features, both standalone and in addition to traditional desktop systems.

Betting on Social Intelligence

Keeping track of the customers’ conversations via social media makes a valuable data sourcing technique. Social analytics integrated into a CRM or an eCommerce system will enhance traditional client data with social details opening up the way to responsive service and product optimization. Our BI solution implementation expertise combined with profound social networking integration experience will yield competitive and efficient solutions that foster tighter, more rewarding customer relationships.

Comprehensible Data Visualization for Interactive Decision-making

Data presentation is key in helping users digest relevant facts and figures from copious amounts of data and gain insight at a glance. Moreover, it’s invaluable for the decision-making process as it allows to create a compelling story for a business user to pitch to stakeholders and executives so that they take action. Our BI focused team can help you harness the power of data visualization technologies to meet the challenge of transforming analytics into visually rich, comprehensible dashboards and reports that facilitate interactive decision-making across multiple functional teams across the enterprise: senior executives and stakeholders, sales, marketing, production, distribution and channel management.