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Softeq has been a long-term Microsoft certified partner with a verified Mobility competence among others. Within the Microsoft technologies domain we've been specifically focusing on Windows Phone, Windows RT, as well as Windows Embedded Compact. We know how to implement easy-to-use, efficient, and reliable mobile solutions both on the application and low-level component tier.

Anticipating the Next Windows Boom – Windows 10 in the Spotlight

With the Windows Phone platform holding a tight grip on our list of core mobile app development competencies, we consider the arrival of Windows 10, installable both on PCs and mobile phones, a major industry highlight. Softeq’s team has set its hands to testing the possibilities of the revamped platform. The Universal Windows Platform targeting a wide variety of devices with different form factors and input modalities, adaptive UI controls along with new layout panels, API contracts, to name a few — Windows 10 has these and tons of other capabilities in store. We at Softeq are already looking forward to putting into action dozens of app ideas geared to users of Windows-powered devices, encompassing solutions primarily focused on desktop users and system-level software such as drivers.

Hand in Hand with Microsoft’s Innovative Tech

Having close ties with Microsoft, Softeq was among the first few technology firms to obtain access and investigate Microsoft’s high-speed video APIs on Windows Phone. Unlike iOS, a rival mobile platform that was among the pioneers to allow implementing slow motion video capturing, Windows Phone is not quite up to the capability. In similar situations, when a vital technical element is missing or is beyond reach, we go all in to explore the possibilities. Alternatively, we just build the absent component from scratch.

That’s how we approached the task of creating a mobile Windows Phone sports app that was to enable precise video recording of an athlete’s activity with the purpose to assess their professional performance through a slowmo playback.

We feel quite in our elements to be engaged in projects drawing on technologies yet unavailable for broad market use. Whether your next big thing requires some non-released technology or the target device is still a product in the making, Softeq’s background in electrical engineering and hardware design and development, as well as years of practical experience, provide a strong leverage for bringing all the missing elements together.

C# for Mobile Business Apps

C# demonstrates a steady growth in popularity among developers building enterprise mobility solutions. Designed to support cross-platform capabilities, this language has proved invaluable for building sophisticated applications across desktop, web, and mobile on all major operating systems — Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, and more. Key component of Xamarin, C# enables a highly productive and easy-to-use coding environment catering for custom development needs on each target platform with a single, shared C# codebase. Softeq offers a professional Xamarin-skilled team with a host of special tools and building facilitators helping achieve a significantly shorter turnaround time.

Development Languages

Development Languages

  • C#
Frameworks and Components

Frameworks and Components

  • Windows Phone SDK
  • Direct X
  • PhoneGap
  • Xamarin
  • MVVM Light
  • Silverlight Toolkit
Presentation Layer

Presentation Layer

  • XAML
  • Direct X
Data Store

Data Store

  • SQL CE (LINQ to SQL)
  • Isolated Storage
  • SQLite
Development Environment

Development Environment

  • Visual Studio
  • JIRA
  • Confluence

Other Tools and Solutions

  • Windows Phone Emulator
  • XAML Spy

Featured Projects

An External Device UWP App Prototype for More Rewarding User Experience with MS Windows


Action Sports Performance Tracking Solution: Trick and Move Detection with Real-time Activity Data Overlays


Roadmap for Multiplatform Emergency Solution Implementation: Client-Server App Prototype with Snap UI


Windows Phone POC Sports App: A Convenient Way for Tracking Running Progress and Performance


Leveraging the Microsoft Technology Unattainable for Common Development Use to Extend the Cross-platform Capabilities of a Sports App POC

Softeq extended the capabilities of a mobile sports POC app built for a global sports giant by recreating it on Windows Phone. In order to replicate the complete app’s functionality, the team had to address several issues. The hardware-driven slow motion video capturing could be realized through a high-speed video API available exclusively to Microsoft and its select vendors.

Access Control System Prototype: Meeting a Tight Deadline to Enable Live Technology Demonstration


Mobilizing Sales Efforts with on the Fly Access to the Critical Customer Data

Softeq created a Metro Style designed Windows Phone app and integrated it with customer’s Microsoft SharePoint based CRM system. The application supports on the fly access to the stored data on prospects allowing adding new, as well as viewing and editing the existing opportunities.

HP iPAQ Developer Program — At the Forefront of App Development Support: Custom SDKs, Technical Support, Web Portal Maintenance


NVIDIA's NVContacts: A Multi-platform Mobile Contact Management Application Enabling Unified Secure Access to Organizational Data



Leverage the Mobility of Microsoft Technologies with Softeq

Looking to max out Windows Phone potential? Going cross-platform with Windows Phone leading the list? Curious how Windows 10 will lend itself to your business needs, once publicly released? We have the answers! Get in touch and let’s discuss.

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