UI and Front-end

At Softeq we build mobile apps, web solutions, and visual interfaces for devices with an eye towards a rewarding and productive user experience. To achieve these goals, we incorporate such essential system properties as clarity, intuitiveness, interactivity, and responsiveness.

Eliminating Pain Points

We understand user pains associated with the pressure to perform business activities in a most efficient way in terms of time spent and effort put forth to complete day-to-day tasks. Before we embark on the solution design, we invest ourselves into in-depth research of the user needs, map their expected behavior, consider the traffic load, etc. These data lay the foundation for creating a system or an app that is easy-to-use, consistent in presentation, and fast:

  • Uninterrupted user journeys: assessment of users’ actions, motivations, possible stumbling points with subsequent mapping ensures smooth navigation across the key touchpoints of the solution.
  • Visibility and predictability: creating a visual environment that enables users to intuitively identify functional features of the interface elements, thus minimizing the effort required to accomplish a task.
  • Unification: a unified approach to rendering the visual and functional elements of the system across the entire solution guarantees expected results.
  • UI performance: apart from the carefully designed solution architecture, which provides for optimal performance, the system UI is augmented with RIAs to enable quick response of the implemented functions.

Optimal User Experience

We develop applications in compliance with the Human Interface Guidelines which outline the visual design principles, consistency of the access to and behavior of common elements of the interface across major OS and desktop environments. Taking special care of the following aspects in an interface facilitates more intuitive, learnable, and optimal user experience:

  • Workflow/user journey modeling, intuitive navigation — help define the essential interface elements that would enable a user to successfully accomplish required tasks.
  • Clean highly interactive layouts — provide for dynamic data and content delivery and transformation.
  • Highly interactive controls/widgets — from buttons to interactive grids — enable a dialog between a user and a program, providing a single interaction point for direct manipulation of the data processed by the application.
  • Data visualization — interactive charts and infographics — transformation and adaptation of the available data to a more convenient form of presentation.
  • Visual aids — hints, pop-ups, highlighting — accelerate the learning curve for operating a solution by facilitating app interface learnability, streamline user navigation, enhance interactivity.

Technologies for Every UI Gusto

We’ve garnered profound practical experience in a variety of technologies, frameworks, and tools that are specifically geared towards development of advanced visually compelling, highly-interactive and responsive applications. Crafting the presentation layer using the .NET’s MVC and Java’s MVC patterns alleviates the pressure of dealing with code reusability and concern separation, thus giving way to more targeted enhancements and shorter turnaround time. Depending on the field of application, our top of the line technology choices include: Java, .NET, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, as well as low-level and embedded programming.

UI Platforms

Leveraging the In-built Device Power

Our low-level and embedded programming background lays the groundwork for inside-out knowledge of electronic devices and gadgets and the way their technical properties can be leveraged for creating user-friendly native mobile apps. Softeq’s Mobile App Development Team has implemented a whole range of applications that utilize the power of the device’s built-in mechanisms, including:

  • Vibration
  • Gyroscope
  • Sound
  • Accelerometer
  • Screen lighting
  • Touch screen
  • Screen-sliding, and more

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