Social Networking Integration

We provide highly viable social networking solutions for your business to connect, build affinity, engage, and foster loyalty of the target audience.

Our broad social networking applications integration experience lends itself to an efficient business application across a wide range of fields — from web solutions to mobile apps through to electronic devices — designed to amplify your existing marketing communication and consumer involvement strategies.

Enterprise-Wide Collaboration: Social Features and Social Media API Integration

Combining our knowledge of enterprise portal design and development with proven practices in social media features implementation — including commenting and sharing, rating, content management, blogging, polling, providing feedback etc. — we craft productive enterprise-wide collaborative environments that facilitate informed decision-making, up-to-date information sourcing, networking, as well as expert data dissemination among corporate employees.

Social CRM: Transforming Online Conversation into Action

If you’re aiming to have all the social buzz about your brand at your fingertips anytime you need it. If you need to bolster your marketing campaign with some socially generated insight on your business, a CRM with integrated social features is your software of choice. From prospecting and new employee recruiting to market research to promoting new products or services or delivering public customer support, populating traditional client data with social details is bound to reinforce your efforts in building stronger customer relationships.

At Softeq, we can pump up your existing CRM solution with social capabilities by providing social media integration services and interfacing your customer database with feeds from disparate social channels and automating the data flow — from data capturing and management to analysis and application — to transform online conversation into action.

Social Networking

  • User Dashboards & Profiles
  • Stats Update Feed
  • Media Gallery & Comments
  • Content & Media Rating System
  • Groups, Lists & Search
  • Media Streaming Solutions
  • Blogs, Comments, Polls
  • Discussion Threads
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Calendars and Events
  • Alerts and Notifications
  • IM, chats and VoIP
  • Admin Role Management
  • User Management System
  • Content Management System
  • Content Moderation Workflows
  • Dynamic Ads & Content Targeting
  • Performance Monitoring Tools
  • Enhanced Statistics & BI Tools
  • Payments & Billing
  • Order Processing
  • Scheduling
  • Task Management

Social Commerce: Trusted and Personalized Shopping Experience

Incorporating social into e-Commerce equips merchants with a powerful tool for increasing transactions. Using social media platforms to spread the word about their products and announce contests, discounts, special offers, and seasonal promotions, while encouraging referrals, discussions and recommendations, provides for more engaging, personalized, and trusted shopping experience. Besides sharing the content on major social media platforms, some of the worthwhile social features that could perk up your e-Commerce efforts include:

  • Buyer reviews
  • Peer recommendations
  • Deals tracking
  • Buyer and merchant ratings
  • Personalized ads and retargeting
  • Image and video uploads
  • Shared pick lists
  • Group buying, etc.

Loyalty and Incentive Programs

To keep pace with the fast-changing business reality, retailers need to consider new ways for applying loyalty and incentive programs and shift the focus from transaction and discount based approach to the extent consumers are involved with the brand across channels. With mobile devices and social media now permanently in place, today the merchants have more tools and means for establishing more meaningful relationships with consumers betting on personalization and exclusivity.

Our team will provide technological support of your omnichannel consumer engagement strategy to help you aggregate all the vital customer data and enable more relevant incentive, reward, message, and event targeting.

Social Networking Integration

Mobile VoIP Converges with Social

Integrated with CRMs or your service platform, a mobile VoIP solution can be leveraged as an efficient tool for your sales team to have a tighter customer interaction and for your support team to secure immediate responsiveness. These are some of the proven ways for ensuring better customer service and building a more positive brand image. Real-time VoIP voice/video communication solutions are also increasingly employed in social networking apps, thus extending the possibilities to connect with family members, friends or partners on a much more personal note.

Our team is proficient in creating VoIP-driven mobile apps with social features, including adding the friends list to the phone contacts, video or voice message sharing, file transfer, instant messaging, to name a few, that build on seamless integration, enhanced functionality, and cost efficiency.

Wearable Devices

From fashion accessories all the way up to head-mounted displays, wearable tech and social media make a powerful mix. Backed with decades of in-the-trenches firmware and embedded development experience and profound understanding of social networking capabilities Softeq is cut out for making the target form factor embrace relevant social features and vice versa to deliver immersive and arresting customer experience.

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