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With years of product engineering experience under the belt, we understand the subtleties of the development process. We’ve long figured out that a great product doesn’t confine itself to having a brilliant idea realized in code. We’ve learned a great product is a bug-free product demonstrating high performance and reliability. With this in mind, we’ve created a Dedicated QA Lab to scratch our own itch.

It turned out, our hands-on firmware and embedded system debugging and optimization expertise could be applied beyond on-premise QA initiatives, extending to the numerous contract-based product and component engagements we’ve been involved in.

Dedicated QA Lab

Best suits those electronic component manufacturers, who require ongoing dedicated support of their development effort to ensure great quality of the manufactured products.

Project-based QA Services

Viable option for those embedded system developers who require on-demand targeted testing activities for a certain project phase or throughout the entire duration of a given project.

Full-cycle Service   FULL-CYCLE SERVICE

We provide full-cycle embedded software testing starting from the early development stages: 

  • We’ll elaborate documentation outlining the required set of tests and algorithms to cover all the functional units of the tested component or system
  • We’ll assess and put together a list of relevant software and hardware tools required for testing the component or system at the production time
  • Besides employing automated testing, we can design and develop unique custom testing tools, as well as special emulators that mimic the missing physical device

Debugging Focus   DEBUGGING FOCUS

Testing firmware or embedded system — which in reality involves intensive debugging and optimization effort — requires a combination of profound knowledge and strong skills inherent to these particular domains. This is what makes Softeq a service provider of choice.

  • Our testing engineers are actually software engineers possessing advanced programming skills
  • Our programmers have extensive experience in algorithm development and test automation
  • We have all the tools in place to be able to create a continuous integration environment
  • Our software engineers know how to make the most of the virtualization technologies

Featured Projects

Enterprise Test Labs: Remote Quality Assessment for Faster High-Performance Firmware Delivery

Softeq has been working side-by-side with many of the top Flash companies for nearly a decade, devising state-of-the-art firmware technology for flash memory storage devices.

In 2005 the first top-tier Flash company tested Softeq’s capabilities with a project focused on documentation and debugging. Impressed with the level of qualification demonstrated by the team — who not only performed testing, but carried out comprehensive failure analysis — the company went further by joining forces with Softeq and created a dedicated ODC team.


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