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I developed a concept for the Internet of Things […] and I was trying to find specific skills set. So, I set up to find a company to work with that could bring together both hardware engineering, software engineering, creative design, web development, mobile development, — all in one place.

I interviewed a ton of companies in my search, and when I came across Softeq I was immediately impressed with their professionalism and their customer list. My sense from Softeq’s genuine level of interest and enthusiasm for the project is that they really got it, […] they leaned in a big way to understand the market place, understand the competitive landscape, the specific requirements of what would differentiate my product from others. And it’s been a very collaborative process. I’ve been impressed with every member of the team that I’ve worked with — it’s been a fantastic experience.


Happiest Baby, Inc., employed Softeq’s services to help launch our flagship product SNOO, the world's smartest baby bed. An invaluable resource, Softeq amplified our in-house engineering team, providing a broad range of skills in various technical areas such as embedded, mobile, and backend development, as well as in quality assurance and other functions. Softeq’s experienced engineers augmented our talent, integrating seamlessly with Happiest Baby, thanks to their great communication skills and willingness to accommodate our schedule requirements. The partnership contributed to SNOO’s highly successful launch, which has since won several awards, including CES 2017 Best of Baby Tech & Safety and the 2017 BIG Innovation Award. We’re excited to continue working with Softeq to bring more cutting-edge innovation into the IoT market.

The development speed is really good and the quality is also good, so we are really satisfied with their work. If we had to do it ourselves, it should have cost more and [taken] a longer period. But Softeq team did it very efficiently. I really appreciate Softeq’s work and I definitely recommend Softeq to our colleagues or customers.

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Thank you for the excellent work done by Softeq in helping define and co-implement the first HP set top HDTV and media processing unit. It was a pleasure to work with a seasoned software company as Softeq that was able to integrate very smoothly with other HP and contract resources for this project. This software expertise allows projects to quickly get off to a good start and progress rapidly through the product development cycle.

The fist company we partnered with was the company called Softeq, and they actually helped us build the first handheld device to provide these [assistive] services long before there were smartphones and other devices on the market. [...] Throughout my career with Disney I've been involved into inventing lots of technologies that we use at our parks and resorts. This is one of the technologies that I'm most proud of because it really makes a difference in people's lives.


Softeq has been extremely good at developing for both iOS and Android devices, and coordinating that with the integration of the web app… I found that many companies do one or the other well, but not both. That was highly impressive, and it differentiated them. My co-founder and I are exceedingly impressed by the professionalism and the response time on major issues. The experience with Softeq Development is completely opposite of our previous developer.

Softeq — an agile technology partner delivering a high level of firmware, software, and electrical design.


I've been working with Softeq for over 15 years, first at Atari Corporation and now at NVIDIA, and I'm happy to say that Softeq is one of my most trusted "go-to" developers for projects. The best part is I find myself saying that all the time.

Softeq provided us with a very useful user interface that enabled us to toggle different variables to find the optimum settings for those variables so that we ended up with an automatic gain control by software which gave us the audio performance that we wanted with the app.

It was quite clear to us when we engaged with Softeq that we had a considerable resource that was also very well organized along US quality standards.


There are four key benefits that I saw working with Softeq:

  1. They deliver when they say and they meet their dates.
  2. The product they deliver is reliable in terms of quality.
  3. Quickness to respond — they are always available and promptly respond to any question.
  4. Art designing — we moved that magazine from the print to digital environment and we had to create additional templates as we added additional content. It’s not the same as the print version, we have more videos and links to information about what we are talking about.
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We hired Softeq to convert prototype software into production-level software, across the whole gamut from machine-level code all the way to web user interface

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“They’ve been a great partner all along. They bend over backwards to manage their clients in the U.S.”

“One of the nice things about working with Softeq is that they’ve done a good job in pointing out ways that we can do things better that has added to the quality of the work.”

“They put in the extra work. We’re able to build a deeper relationship with the engineers as well. They start understanding what we need. That’s what makes them special compared with other firms that I’ve worked with.”

As we started to have more demands from the industry for additional products, services, and software it made really good sense for me to contract out some work to Softeq. They allowed me to do more of a top level work […] while Softeq actually worked on the implementation. Being able to develop a mobile app version of the hardware programmer we used before was a tremendous win for us.


Softeq is a great partner to work with. I worked with their zGames team on Pong World (Pong Indie Developer Challenge Winner) and they were a pleasure to work with every step of production. They created an exhaustive game design document that was very helpful. We asked them to implement over a dozen different mobile frameworks in a short period of time and they rose to meet the challenge. They were very dedicated to their craft and always hit their dates.

TrojanTree on communication during the Android-based Obama Clock app project implemented by Softeq’s offshore team and future collaboration plans.


Softeq's firmware team has been exceptional, repeatedly delivering on key features and performance goals no matter how short our timeframes. I really appreciate the way Softeq communicates and engages us as partners. In short, I'm very, very happy.

We are extremely satisfied with Softeq as a technical partner [who delivered a Windows Phone travelling app for Xafinity’s sales force]. We had some very tough timelines to produce this to present in a board meeting. The guys turned around very quickly to give me a plenty of time for testing, but we actually didn’t need a plenty of time for testing because it was pretty right the first time. […] We are using Softeq for a couple of other mobile apps that we’re building as part of our roadmap for mobile working.


In our first project with Softeq for a top consumer electronics company, I was impressed with their professional project management and level of commitment. When we needed several of our applications ported to a mobile platform under a very tight timeframe, we turned to Softeq. Not only did they deliver what we needed on time and without handholding, they worked through the holidays to meet our deadline. They then took the extra step of supporting us on site at CES (the Consumer Electronics CES Show) to ensure our presentation was a success.

In 2012 we formally arranged a partnership with Softeq in order to deploy their DURATEQ ATV devices here, at the estate. We were pleased and pleasantly surprised with the ability of the devices as they really stood out among the others available to us primarily as these devices were what we considered to be the most user-friendly of those available.


cerasus.media develops games for mobile platforms. With Softeq we have a partner who has the technical expertise to implement our new and somewhat unusual ideas.


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