Quality Assurance

We make sure our software development outsourcing services help not only reach your ultimate project goal, but also minimize its Total Cost of Ownership, while balancing resource utilization throughout the distributed development cycle. At Softeq this is achieved by employing ongoing QA activities throughout the entire SDLC — from requirements and earliest deliverables to acceptance of the final product. Under the continuous QA activities the QA engineers are assigned to projects from the earliest stages, which brings a number of tangible benefits, both in terms of code quality and cost effectiveness.

QA Pros with Strong Domain Focus

We maintain an independent QA team of professionals from different focus areas — mobile applications, desktop and web software, firmware and embedded systems. This separation guarantees higher service quality achieved through unbiased approach, concentrated knowledge and experience aggregation and more transparent processes. QA specialists participate in nearly each Softeq’s project.

Quality Management

We utilize a combination of proven testing methodologies, best practices, and evolving industry standards that help streamline the quality management processes across Softeq’s production units.

Comprehensive Performance Management

Our proprietary performance measurement system allows tracking the team’s performance dynamically based on a number of quality metrics. The quantitative management provides insight into multiple QA aspects including defect life cycle, percentage of different defects by type, defect density by importance and type, defect validation performance, etc.

Change Management

We understand the customer’s need for making some on the fly tweaks to the product requirements during the project implementation and readily accommodate such requests. The main driver for such an approach is our proven change requests management process, which covers description, estimation, prioritizing, planning, and unified artifacts storage. Should you hatch a new idea and want to implement some improvements to your solution, we’ll describe the requirements and assess their impact on the project deadline and budget.


Deliverables Quality

To ensure comprehensive yet cost-effective QA of the project deliverables, we rely on the Constructive Quality Model which comprises methodologies and guidelines focusing on cost/quality balance of the produced artifacts based on the Product Metrics.

Reusability and Coherence of Documentation

To ensure complete test coverage and enable easy visualization of test results, Softeq creates a comprehensive set of project documents and multi-level reports that contain the most complete and well-structured information about the tested solution/code, QA, testing, and software development activities, requirements, changes, progress, etc.


Featured Projects

Conversor Notetalker for Android: Comprehensive Pre-Release Quality Assurance Audit

Conversor Notetalker is an audio recording application that allows to create high quality audio files organized in a simple PC style filing system for easy retrieval of recordings. Audio and bookmark files can be uploaded to a number of note-taking management programs for subsequent playback, editing and further study.


Conversor Notetalker

Undisputable Benefits

At Softeq we’re committed to delivering exceptional quality of the developed solutions. These are some of the benefits of working with our QA team that you can enjoy:

  • Efficient testing methodologies and best practices on each stage/type of testing
  • Transparent project management, execution, and detailed documentation and reporting to help track and control the quality of the deliverables in almost real-life mode
  • Minimized TCO of the solution through timely, complete, and well-organized QA processes

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