Dedicated Development Center

Softeq is proficient in building and efficiently operating small,
mid-size and large-size
dedicated development teams
The biggest team we've successfully built and efficiently managed for our customers is
115 People
Our longest DDC cooperation is
7 Years

How it Works

A Dedicated Development Center (DDC) is established on the basis of a dedicated team pulled together of skilled software engineers possessing relevant subject-matter expertise. The DDC utilizes the facilities of Softeq, which meet the necessary technical and security requirements fully protecting client’s IP.

Serving as an extension of the client’s in-house resources, Softeq’s DDC team complies with the internal practices, proprietary methodologies, and corporate culture adopted by the client.

Softeq is one of the few offshore development service providers who possess unique cross-domain expertise building on over 16 years of extensive hands-on development practice. By combining rich low-level programming competency with solid mobile application and advanced web solution implementation experience, we offer several options for leveraging the benefits of outsourcing, one of them being a Dedicated Development Center.

  • Identify required competency areas and qualifications
  • Plan team size and structure
  • Develop roadmap for DDC team setup
  • Setup core team
  • Setup environment and tools
  • Start knowledge transfer
    to the DDC’s core team
  • Start working on the tasks, adapt knowledge as soon as possible
  • Add specialists in line with DDC roadmap, share knowledge to the new members
  • Expand the team to planned size, reach maximum productivity

Feel free to explore more details about project roles available within Softeq's DDC model,
development methodologies and approach, team setup principles, etc.


Why Softeq

By joining forces with Softeq, you ensure a smooth sailing of your offshore business initiative. We’ll take care of such burdens as legal, rental, security, HR, and administrative issues. You’ll enjoy full access to and control over the quality engineering resources, reliable and secure IT infrastructure, as well as produced IP — all with a more than adequate financial investment.

Softeq comes on strong in the following areas:

  • Unique cross-domain expertise
  • Scalable team of skilled IT professionals
  • Reliable IT infrastructure
  • Strong security controls compliant with ISO/IEC 27002
  • Full operational control of the dedicated resources
  • Competitive pricing
  • Solid project management expertise

Over 16 years of hands-on engineering practice


Softeq boasts over 16 years of hands-on software and embedded system engineering practice, including long-term DDC-based collaborations with some of the world’s established electronics industry juggernauts. Our software engineers are well-versed in proven methodologies, with the RUP and Agile leading the roster, as well as latest frameworks and tools that facilitate project implementation and ensure on-time delivery.

Access to the pool of top-notch engineering professionals


Depending on the project nature and your requirements, you can tap Softeq’s pool of top-notch software engineering professionals with varied skills, experience, and backgrounds to staff the team for the upcoming projects.


Dedicated resources


Once formed of the best-in-class engineering professionals, your DDC team at Softeq remains fully dedicated and intact, unless the resource ramp-up or scale-down is required. A dedicated team means smooth and comprehensible project workflows, faster knowledge transfer and acquisition, more productive working environment, as well as more predictable results.


No long-term investments


With the majority of issues associated with starting a new business abroad taken over by Softeq's DDC hosting party, you can make wiser, more targeted investments into the production process depending on your current business needs.


Keeping business risks
at bay


Since the DDC team functions as an extension of your in-house workforce, you’re in full control of the team composition, development flow, and project deliverables. This allows greater flexibility in resource utilization and process planning, keeping the risks related to requirements definition, project kick-off, as well as bench resources management to a minimum.


Attractive pricing options


One of the reasons driving organizations to outsource IT functions is the pool of quality engineering talent available at attractive pricing options. The DDC model offers a variety of pricing models for staffing the team in line with your current business needs.


Focus on your core strengths


By delegating some of the projects to the Softeq DDC team, you’ll free up your in-house resources to engage them in the tasks they do best. This will not only help bring the development costs down, but ensure faster project turnaround. By nurturing and enhancing your core strengths you are set to achieve long-term success and competitive advantage.


Faster turnaround time


Once the project management routine is streamlined, some of the conventional project development stages will run faster thus reducing the project turnaround time, enabling the team to focus on solving higher priority issues.


Security  Strong Security Controls

The DDC is rolled out as a fully protected area with all the necessary security controls implemented across the development facilities. The protective measures taken at Softeq comply with the ISO/IEC 27002 information security standard and address the following areas:

  • Access Control
  • Physical and Environmental Security
  • Information Security Incident Management
  • Asset Management
  • Human Resources Security and Legal Policies

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If you’re looking to reinforce your internal competency across low-level, mobile or web; bolster your in-house skills and slash employment and implementation costs, deploying a Dedicated Development Center on Softeq’s premises is the way to go.

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