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Softeq’s approach to mobile app development harkens back to the in-depth hardware utilization principle holding that the capabilities of the hardware components onboard the mobile devices need to be leveraged to their maximum while the mobile software we build helps pile them on. While on this trail, our track record is a tally of diversified projects clotted primarily around our core expertise in Enterprise Mobility and Low-level Mobile Apps, and extending into several other domains with a strong skill and business knowledge.

Event Management Apps

Softeq knows the ropes of advanced media-heavy mobile apps for conferences, exhibitions, balls, and other events with mass audiences, complicated agenda and logistics. We have a diverse portfolio of projects where we developed mobile software for mobiles (on iOS, Android, Windows Phone) and custom-built branded handheld devices, with a set of advanced features:

  • Event scheduling
  • Personal agenda management
  • Interactive venue maps
  • Social Integration
  • Live video streaming, news and photo streaming and storing
  • Instant messaging and chat
  • Alerts setting

Integrated with multiple web services, event management mobile apps allow up-to-the-minute access to the event updates and assets to deliver unparalleled user experience to both event attendees and offline fans.

Event Management

Featured project: BlizzCon Guide

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Digital Imaging, Photo & Video Apps

We thrive on our vast hands-on experience in electrical design and firmware development to deliver cutting-edge apps that boost the capabilities of the graphic processor, digital camera and related hardware on board smartphone or tablet.

Such apps are a powerful blend of system utilities, drivers, that optimize interaction with the hardware components and processes in the back-end, and user apps that allow on-the-go editing and swift sharing of the media files created. At the end of the day, cameras become faster and smarter to make every smartphone or tablet user a pro in digital imaging.

Sophisticated digital image processing is also used in innovative face recognition mobile apps we develop. The app turns to a database in the back-end and displays the retrieved info in an augmented reality mode — as a hologram-like popup caption on the screen.

Digital Imaging

Featured project: NVIDIA's Camera

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Content Distribution / Media Streaming

Our mobile solutions for multi-media content distribution, from media players, media controllers and renderers to digital media servers, utilize the most technologically advance components for excellent performance and connectivity.

Softeq team’s experience extends beyond standard user apps to building DLNA certified solutions and mobile SDKs for further development of commercial apps to manage media libraries and stream heterogeneous media content on a smartphone or tablet or on network-connected smart home playback devices of any kind (PCs, TVs, stereos, set-top boxes, etc).

These know hows have been successfully adopted by multiple digital entertainment service providers, advertisers and content producers to deliver personalized experience to the end users through highly interoperable, fast and user-friendly solutions.

Media Content Distribution

Featured project: Android SDK for Rovi’s
Connected Platform

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Apps for Smart Accessories

While tech-savvy public seek additional digitalization in their lives, there is a growing demand for digital coaches and other insightful tools that help keep fit and boost personal motivation that people usually lack in their single-handed fitness effort. We deliver standalone apps that are distributed through the app stores and run on mass market smartphones and tablets, as well as smart apps that are shipped with advanced wearable accessories and electronic gadgets equipped with high sensitive sensors:

  • Activity Trackers
  • Workout Guides
  • Nutrition Helpers
  • Sleep Aids
  • Sports Games and Simulators
  • Smart Watch and iWatch

We can create a proof of concept app to test any innovative technology or idea you have in mind before taking it into mass production.

Apps for Smart Accessories

Featured project: An Assistive Technology
Telecare Solution

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iBeacon & BLE Beacon Mobile Apps

A warehouse stocked with batches of goods, a world-class venue packed with thousands of visitors or a retail store welcoming droves of shoppers – all of them are taken to the next level with contextual awareness and interactivity that iBeacon technology and Bluetooth 4.0 Smart give us. Having a way both with enterprise mobility and the mobile consumer market, Softeq creates apps that communicate effortlessly with BLE-enabled smart objects and iBeacon devices, facilitating brick-and-mortar experience and optimizing indoor workflows.

We develop mobile apps that employ Android and iOS APIs like Core Location API to enable geofencing and a wealth of other powerful features. Moreover, Softeq is the company that can take beacon implementation further. Without looking elsewhere, you can build with us performant web backends, connect them via lightweight RESTful APIs to beacon hardware that constantly feeds collected data, and create web dashboards for data visualization and remote management of your network of beacons. And if there is a need to get down to the low level, we can pull in our embedded talent to optimize the performance of both beacon hardware and handheld devices.


Featured project: An iBeacon-enabled
Mobile App

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