Information Security

We realize the amount of brainpower and energy our clients and partners put in their products and technology to stay at the leading edge. That is why we make every effort to incorporate all the necessary security procedures and measures at our delivery location to keep the IP we work with thoroughly protected and safe.

The security controls implemented across our development facilities comply with the ISO/IEC 27002 information security standard. It provides best practice recommendations on information security management at a service organization implementing or maintaining information security management systems.

The special measures we’ve taken to safeguard sensitive information and IP of the customer address the following areas.

Access Control

Measures include restricted cards- and turnstile-based access to the premises to prevent unauthorized and inappropriate access to the network, systems and applications installed, as well as specific functions and confidential data.

Asset Management

Softeq’s Asset Management efforts involve keeping detailed information on the hardware and software utilized within the secure perimeter.


Information Security Incident Management

Our Information Security Incident Management measures are designed to deter unauthorized access to the facilities and information by triggering appropriate incident responses in case of information security breaches.

Physical and Environmental Security

To enable Physical and Environmental Security, we’ve rolled out a fully protected infrastructure with segregated network and servers, equipped with video surveillance cameras and electronic control systems.


Human Resources Security and Legal Policies

The company’s Human Resources Security and Legal Policies define the employee engagement terms and conditions based on a binding non-disclosure agreement concerning the proprietary information provided by the customer or generated in the course of employment. The policies also govern the procedures for the employee onboarding, transfer, and resignation.

The level of the information security management systems deployed at Softeq has been verified by several of our esteemed partners — world’s leading electronics manufacturers — who’ve been tapping the company’s firmware and embedded systems development expertise on the ODC basis.

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