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Brandleap Marketplace and Dealer Locator: Increased Sales Conversions, Tighter Customer Engagement, and Improved Partner Relationships

  • Brandleap Marketplace
  • Brandleap Marketplace and Dealer Locator
Brandleap Marketplace
Brandleap Marketplace and Dealer Locator






Softeq created a marketplace and dealer locator solution that serves as a direct sales tool for brands and their resellers.

Functioning as a single point of sale to consumers, the platform also enables buyers to engage in ultimate transaction with vendors.

Fast Facts

Client: Brandleap, a sales and marketing software provider

Industry: Business Software Solutions

Country: USA

Engagement Model: Combination of Fixed Price and T&M

What were the Client’s expectations of the service provider?

Brandleap engaged Softeq, its technology partner, tapped for a solid technical background and advanced implementation skills across a number of domains, to develop a complex e-Commerce portal. The e-Commerce functionality implied multiple integrations with 3rd party web resources.

Project Description

What was the goal of the project?

Softeq was to create a marketplace and dealer locator featuring major brands and resellers to allow them to have direct and non-disruptive interaction with prospective buyers.

What are the product’s functional capabilities?

The marketplace and dealer locator serves as a direct sales tool for brands and their resellers, while enabling consumers to choose dealers, scan inventory, map store locations, and make purchases through a convenient widget providing info on the brand’s resellers and the nearest store locations.

From the functional perspective, the platform consists of 4 main parts:

  • ‘Buy’ button — Integrated with a brand’s website, it allows a customer to engage in ultimate transaction with the brand, interacting through a Product widget.
  • Product widget — Provides information about prices, dealer’s info, options for making a purchase (Buy Online, Store Pick-up). Displays brand’s offers along with dealers registered with the Brandleap marketplace.
  • Brand dashboard — allows brands to register and publish products they intend to sell through the platform. Brands can also authorize selected dealers for marketing their products. The dashboard also provides various sales metrics and critical data gathered throughout the buying process.
  • Dealer dashboard — dealers can submit requests to brands about the product dealership. Once approved, dealers can set up stores, specify prices, and manage inventory. This will ensure dealers appear in the product widget, allowing the prospective buyers to choose them as product suppliers.

What methods are used for insuring the solution security?

The solution employs HTTPS certificate in addition to the security measures implemented within Amazon Web Services and Stripe API.

What project methodology did the team employ?

Softeq's team employed a combination of Scrum and Kanban project management methodologies — Scrumban — to adapt to the changing requirements.


Did the team manage to meet the project goals successfully?

Softeq delivered the project on time and on budget. The solution has successfully passed Best Buy's audit and integration testing and is now available at www.brandleap.com. One of the pioneers trying out the marketplace and dealer locator capabilities is weBoost, the leading manufacturer of cell phone signal boosters in North America.

Softeq’s team will continue enhancing the marketplace to maximize the solution’s potential in meeting individual business needs of each brand utilizing the platform.