Engagement Models

Softeq is a client-centric company. We treat clients as partners, and their objectives become ours. Our mature processes, development approach, and “can-do” attitude help us drive the process to co-production. Therefore being a part of the client’s in-house or distributed development force and integrate seamlessly for a synergy is our vision of a result-driven, efficient cooperation. Depending on the future project complexity and the available budget, we provide several engagement options to align with your needs.

Fixed Price  Fixed Price

Should your technical requirements and project specification be more distinct or foreseeable, Softeq can provide a fixed time / fixed price quote for your initiative. This model implies certain risks, as the project assessment in terms of duration and effort may not always be as accurate as one would wish. However, we are ready to take on this call. Along with taking the risks, we make sure the process remains fully transparent to you. This model enables tapping a variety of project management methodologies — from RUP to Agile.

If you feel the Fixed Price model may prove viable for your project, but you need some extra work done to be able to fully embrace this option, we can help you connect all the missing dots by elaborating:

  • Vision statement
  • Technical specification
  • Project plan
  • Solution architecture
  • System or device prototype

Time and Material  Time & Material

If your requirements are less straightforward from the very beginning or there are more dependencies that might affect the solution’s design and the project development on the job, the Time & Material (T&M) engagement model is the best option. In case you prefer to give a try to a certain number of processes within your system or product development to test their outsourceability, and thus to alleviate any concerns, we recommend this flexible model. In general, the T&M model will be a good fit for short-term development projects or for continuous outsourcing of a number of various “compact” tasks.

The services provided under this model span consulting, maintenance and support, development tasks, and testing, with the hourly rates varying depending on the skillset, experience and location of the resources required. The actual time spent on the task is duly accounted for in the time journal and sent to the customer in the form of regular reports.


DDC  DDC / Dedicated Development Team

Under this model we assemble and assign a Dedicated Development Team (DDT) to work on your project (usually, for at least 3 months), with billing covering the entire team’s effort. The team structure may vary throughout the project duration.

Best-suited for medium and long-term projects, the DDT model brings a host of financial and communication benefits, such as:

  • Optimal team composition, both in terms of investments and skillset, in an ultimate accordance to your current project needs
  • Ability to deliver a full-cycle service — from development to testing to support — with no need to engage another external vendor
  • Risk mitigation as no knowledge and sensitive data is dispersed beyond the DDT
  • Increased output across all production stages due to more efficient resource management
  • Complete visibility and control over the hired development team

Why Softeq  Why Softeq

Skill and Talent

Our teams are equipped with top-quality professionnals who are old hand in their subject areas to offer not only an excellent technical skill, but also a proactive and forward-thinking attitude to facilitate resolving your business issues.

Size and Scalability

Softeq’s Project Managers are competent in launching, ramping-up, and ongoing management of Dedicated Development Teams from 2 to 100+ software engineers in size. Softeq’s human resource management, resource utilization, employee workload, as well as human resource and expertise management best practices support team size flexibility, fast knowledge transfer and team extension upon request of project need.

IP Protection and Information Security

For the most demanding customers, including the Silicon Valley residents, Softeq established fully-functional independent offshore Own Development Centers on our premises, within a secured office environment following ISO 27002 standards. Thus, we implemented the latest technical and administrative controls to maintain an efficient information security program and ensure Intellectual Property and business-critical information of our clients and their clients persists intact.

Transparency and Communication

To help our clients find their account in the DDT engagement model faster we guarantee a total transparency into the process and team’s progress. Be it an Agile, Kanban, RUP, or Waterfall engagement, we maintain a very close communication with Product Managers and Development Leads on the client side through multiple channels, from IMs, calls, video conferences, to detailed documentation, regular reporting, to project management software tools, and onsite visits.

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