Team and Values

At Softeq we believe that people are the heart of any company. They’re the main driving force behind its business success. The capabilities of a software development company, its brain and muscle, are in the mindset and experience of its employees. Softeq’s team has always been excited to get its feet wet in intellectually-intensive next-generation projects, so we’re quite proud to boast a number of significant deliveries in that space for a number of globally recognized clients with leadership footprint in the electronics industry.

Competency Centers

We've a 170-strong team of highly-skilled, focused, dynamic, diverse, and talented engineers who know how to get things done. With multi-year frontline experience in embedded software implementation and mobile development under our belt (respectively: 8 yrs and 4.2 yrs on average), our professionals have the skills, the tools, and the know-how to ensure smooth sailing of your next technology-intensive project — embedded, mobile, or web or a combination of those.

Paul Fruia

Our engineers and embedded software specialists have indepth knowledge and practical skills in algorithmic design, electrical engineering, and low-level programming. With a host of seasoned developers and testers on board, Softeq's Business Application Development Team is reinforced with mature project managers, BAs, and UI designers. Such level of expertise and attitude are not something one just finds. It must be nurtured and grown. We are delighted that most of our technology specialists are still with us, a dozen years after the start of their career at Softeq.

Paul Fruia
VP Engineering at Softeq Development Corporation


Get to know the thought leaders who drive and shape Softeq’s core competencies.

Mobile Business Apps Group

Softeq’s Mobile Business Application Development Team is focused on building mobile utilities, business applications, and complex mobile solutions.

Web Development Division

Our Web Development Division can handle various high complexity projects that may involve implementing systems relying on a three level communication among firmware, a server side hosting an array of databases, and a web interface.


Development Center

Development Center

Embedded Development Division

With strong roots in firmware and embedded software development, Softeq’s low-level programming engineers are the main driving force behind some of the state-of-the-art technologies powering a wide array of electronic devices produced worldwide.

R&D Groups

Softeq’s R&D software engineers keep a close eye on the industry developments exploring the emerging experimental or pre-release components, gadgets, and technology for capabilities and potential application.


zGames, Mobile Games Division

The team masterfully blends best practices in cross-platform mobile game development with the latest technological advancements delivering a roster of compelling game titles in a variety of genres.

IT Group

Our IT support engineers are responsible for addressing the company’s technical needs 24x7, keeping the system environment infallible, secure and duly protected.


Administrative Group

Softeq’s Administrative group is virtually the invisible front team overseeing all the legal, financial, and HR aspects across the company units.

Sales and Marketing

This is the front office team dedicated to making your initial encounter with Softeq a rewarding experience.

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