Founded in 1997 in Houston, TX, Softeq Development is a full-cycle software development company focusing on full-stack development for the connected world's products:

We offer unmatched expertise of our seasoned team with an average project experience of 9 years and a deep understanding of hardware behind the software system to develop, deploy, or enhance.

Fast Facts

  • 200+ Full Time Employees
  • Founded in 1997
  • Headquartered in Houston, TX
  • 75% Senior and Expert Staff
  • 25% Specialist Level
  • 25,000+ sq. ft. Office Space
  • Fortune 100 customers
  • ISO 27002 Secure Environment
  • Comprehensive QA procedures

Global Service Delivery

Client Locations


Why Softeq

When handing over an advanced web solution or mobile product development or an embedded software project to Softeq, you get a quantitative extension to your in-house design capabilities. Ultimately, you access a technical skill treasury and over 2 million man-hours of relevant experience conceptualizing, designing, prototyping, building, integrating, porting, and maintaining high-quality reliable software.

Service Offering

  • We develop a variety of mobile solutions, from enterprise mobility through mobile web to mobile games. Our platform competencies span iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry platforms, native, hybrid, and cross-platform development, including Xamarin development and Unity programming, as well as application porting across all major platforms.
  • We help enterprises leverage the full potential of the latest technology, software, and infrastructure, through advanced web-based solutions with secure data processing and complex analytics in the backend. We have exceptional skills in developing high-load distributed systems that are scalable, secure and powerful, and offer an attractive front-end and excellent UX. Coupled with our diverse domain knowledge, our technical skills ensure we deliver maximum value to enterprises who seek modern ways to optimize their business processes, launch new sales channels, and expand their reach to clients, channel partners and associates.
  • Softeq is a leading embedded software development company with world-class niche skills in low-level development and deep knowledge in the electronics domain. We offer full-cycle embedded systems development, including system-level apps, driver and middleware development, performance optimization services, debugging and failure analysis to ensure the low-level solution, be it an in-house development or provided by a third-party vendor, delivers the maximum ROI. To make it a full cycle service, Softeq offers hardware and PCB design, enclosure design and rapid prototyping including manufacturing of a sample product.
  • Softeq’s mobile team delivers full-cycle contractual game development projects, from game design all the way up to the application store. Softeq has a rich outsourced project portfolio of educational and entertainment casual games for mobile devices, game consoles and browsers, as well as multiple proprietary titles delivered under our game development brand zGames.

Customer-Oriented Approach

Softeq has been always most interested in long-term partnerships with mutual trust rather than short-term profit. As Softeq deals with the core intellectual property, patents, and technology innovations, we rigidly observe data security rules (as required by ISO 27002 standard) and guarantee a mature, motivated attitude.

The largest Offshore Development Center that Softeq launched and has been managing for 5+ years counted 100+ FTEs at peak and has been serving the global, geographically distributed R&D product development departments of a top Silicon Valley resident.

Our client base includes multiple Fortune 500 companies and the world’s leading high tech leaders such as NVIDIA, Samsung, NIKE, SanDisk, and Atlas Copco, among others.

At the CEO’s Desk

Chris Howard
Founder and CEO of Softeq

Christopher A. Howard was born in Minnesota, US. After graduating high school in the top 2% of his class he entered the University of Houston with a four-year honors scholarship. Choosing between Architecture, Computer Science, or Electrical Engineering, he chose EE, though the world of software quickly drew him in and he became a lifelong entrepreneur in the field.

Chris started his career as a co-op at IBM, in the division that provided engineering services to the NASA space agency. He gained experience in writing software for the space workstation (the results of his work were shown at the Vancouver World Expo), which included creating prototypes of user interfaces and control panels that would be easy to use in space.

Chris founded Softeq Development back in 1997, deriving the name from “technical software” to emphasize the business niche the company was aiming to occupy. Chris has always been the most interested in complex problems and cutting-edge technologies, and from Softeq’s early days he sought to build a brilliant team capable of designing complicated solutions, whether it's firmware, multiplayer synchronization, mobile, or assembly language development.

Chris has always had a fondness for game design (often citing that games are some of the most complicated programs to develop) and wrote his first game for a teletype on paper punch tape while in Junior High School. He's developed software in over twelve languages, from Assembly Language to Ada, and has founded or invested in dozens of companies. His current interests, both personal and professional, includes entrepreneurship, mentoring startups, angel investing, teaching kids to code, and family.

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