Softeq has officially completed its 20th year of working in IT. Join us for a ride in our time machine to revisit our most memorable and exciting moments.
Our trip itinerary includes:

Time-proven inventions: Durateq, an assistive technology device that uses Disney SyncLink technology to make historic venues and public places accessible for people with limited abilities; SanDisks’s NAND Endurance System Modeling Environment; and a fast always-on HDR camera app for NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 tablets.


Enduring collaborations with true industry trailblazers on whose technology and products we rely every day: Intel, EPSON, NVIDIA, HP, Disney, Coca-Cola, Verizon, and many more.

Collaboration with HP

Buckle up and make yourself comfortable while we charge the flux capacitor.
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Feb 20 1997
Tech Inventions

It All Began in 1997…


Softeq Development was founded to create and deliver technical software development.


Softeq’s first customer is Compaq, working on the PC Theatre, a hybrid PC/TV product. Initially hired to provide only a closed-caption driver, Softeq was soon contributing across the entire software stack.


Softeq develops software for PerSeptive Biosystems’ (now Applied Biosystems) Mass Spectrometer. PBIO is a division of Celera Genomics, the first company to map the human genome.


Softeq is responsible for all previous and new Compaq printer and scanner software and drivers across Compaq’s entire product line. Soon, software for digital music players and digital cameras is added.


As a key system integrator for HP, Softeq ensures sustainability of the services provided by the HP iPAQ Developer Program. It’s the start of Softeq’s key competency in mobile development and platforms.


Softeq develops the Durateq 3100 — a rugged handheld device with audio description, assistive listening, and closed captioning capabilities. The device builds on HP’s iPAQ PDA with custom hardware, firmware, and Disney SyncLink™ Technology.


SanDisk taps Softeq’s firmware skills with a 100+ dedicated team to create advanced flash firmware, hardware visualization tools, testing and diagnostics utilities.


Softeq opens a development center in Minsk, Belarus, focusing on full-stack engineering: hardware, firmware, software, desktop, mobile, and web.


Softeq launches zGames, a mobile game development studio. It became an early member of the iPhone Development Program. Today, zGames explores the application of VR, AR and mixed reality in video games as well as enterprise applications.


NVIDIA engages with Softeq for the first time for Bluetooth driver development. Multiple projects later, NVIDIA and Softeq are still collaborating.


Softeq helps the world’s most valuable sports brand connect and engage with the community through technology.


Softeq works with Intel to prototype and test the viability of a variety of proprietary technologies.


Softeq develops innovative projects across IoT, wearables, machine learning, and AR/VR, with customers ranging from startups to the Fortune 100.

Chris Howard
Feb 21 2017

Softeq partners with Station Houston, a Hub for Tech Startups and Innovation

Station Houston & Softeq

Softeq has partnered with Station Houston to foster and support the Startup community in Houston. On February 21, Softeq’s Founder and CEO Chris Howard sat down with John Reale, CEO and co-founder of accelerator Station Houston, to discuss Softeq’s 20th anniversary and their shared passion for Houston Startups.

Later that evening, uQontrol’s Founder Christopher Maus talked about Web 3.0 Security: the current state of tech, what to expect, and what steps to make. This was the first meet-up in a series of quarterly panel discussions sponsored by Softeq at Station. What would you like to discuss with an expert during our panel discussion in May 2017?


Fast-tracking Innovation

Smart Baby Bed

A Smart Baby Bed for Happiest Baby

We’ve helped Happiest Baby Corp. develop and launch SNOO, a smart baby bed that soothes a fussy baby back to sleep using motion and white noise.

We’re thrilled the smart sleeper has landed several cool tech awards: 2017 BIG Innovation Awards by the Business Intelligence Group and The Bump Best of Baby Tech Awards 2017 by the Baby Tech Showcase at CES.

And thank you for your kind words, Happiest Baby!

Microsoft Chatbox

A Chatbot for Microsoft

Softeq is building for Microsoft an intelligent web service that will interact with users in the form of a conversation — a chatbot. The chatbot will understand a user’s natural language thanks to the underlying tech: it leverages Azure Bot Service, an integrated environment that accelerates bot development, part of the Microsoft Bot Framework. It’s also integrated with AI algorithms available in Microsoft Cognitive Services. They make the bot see, hear, interpret and interact with users in a more human way.

Apr 05 2037
We look back with gratitude for our many partners and customers over the years
and are excited about what we can all accomplish in the future!
Working with you, the next 20 years are going to be awesome!